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Revolutionary Fitness Success Stories

  • Rob Lenza , Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Bryce will completely change you and your body!

    Rob Lenza
  • Sophia McLain, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    I love this place! You get a different work out every time. All of the trainers are amazing and make you feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to get great personal or group training!

    Sophia McLain
  • Zoe W., Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Revolutionary Fitness has been phenomenal for me. I just joined this past month and everyone was incredibly open hearted and welcoming. The positive vibes, talented trainers, and awesome workout buddies motivates me everyday to wake up at 5:30 for our morning class. I highly recommend trying Revolutionary Fitness.

    Zoe W.
  • Lindsey A., Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    I have been to many trainers and gyms over the years and I've never felt the motivation to keep going and succeed like I have working out with the owner, Bryce. He is extremely positive and motivating. Everyone who works there is great and knowledgeable. Every time you go in you will be doing a new and exciting workout that will push you. This is the first time I have seen results from any workout plan and I will always recommend Bryce and Revolutionary Fitness!

    Lindsey A.
  • Donna Hollar, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Amazing experience all around. The gym is always clean and the staff are motivational. The entire staff is knowledgable and work hard to help you achieve your goals and push you past the limits you currently think you have. I am always greeted by the staff by name but work individually with Denise. She is amazing and has shown me many new techniques and exercises. My new favorite is the TRX burpee.

    Donna Hollar
  • Kyrie Lorraine Rector , Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    As a former trainer at Revolutionary Fitness, I was able to not only see the client experience, but also how Bryce ran his business -- both are above and beyond the industry standard. Clients become family & get results & the trainers are qualified, and dedicated to their clients' progress. It's all about community and a positive/encouraging atmosphere in the fitness world -- RF is DOING IT RIGHT! This position led me to opportunities beyond my wildest dreams where I was able to travel the world. HUGE THANK YOU for everything you do RF!

    Kyrie Lorraine Rector
  • Mark Zenobio, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    I have been a client of Revolutionary Fitness for well over 5 years now and a devoted member of the RF family. When I can to RF I was in bad shape literally. I was 40 lbs over weight and physically a mess in terms of strength and endurance. I had a personal trainer previously and although I did see some results I felt that the trainer was not truly invested in me and did not push me. So I was a little reluctant to return to the personal training seen but a friend recommended I try Revolutionary Fitness as it was a different experience. From the moment I walked in the door and met my trainer, who is still me trainer today, I new it was different. He sat me down and asked me what my goals where and what I wanted to achieve by seeing him. We continue to evolve and re-evaluate my goals and objectives and there is a continuous focus on me and what I am trying to achieve. The staff and facility is outstanding, workouts are engineered to drive results and to challenged you. I can honestly say that I have achieved my goals of 5 years ago and have created new ones.

    Mark Zenobio
  • Erin Lenza, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Bryce is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He is commented and deticated to your success ( almost to a fault). The family approach at revolutionary fitness is amazing not a clicky gym. Everyone is welcome to the family.

    Erin Lenza
  • Laura E., Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Bryce Boschetti is a fabulous trainer who has helped me lose 130 pounds. There were many days that were a struggle and he had to drag me around the gym from thing to thing but he's always kept the workouts fun and new which kept me motivated. There were times when he cared more about my success than me, but he always kept me going and has helped me reach this milestone weight loss. His energy and skill level are top notch and he's been my biggest cheerleader seeing me through some seriously hard struggles. It's important to trust a trainer and I wouldn't trust anyone else. He's not only a trainer to his clients, he's a friend.

    Laura E.
  • Mark D. Nellermoe , Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    I appreciate the steady pace I have enjoyed moving forward to better fitness and strength. Thanks Kyle and Bryce!

    Mark D. Nellermoe
  • Vicki Crumpacker, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    If you want a trainer that will push you hard, mix things up, never get bored... this is the place for you!! Great, positive atmosphere!!

    Vicki Crumpacker
  • Katie McCann Davis , Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Followed my trainer Neal from another gym... This place is hands-down the friendliest gym I've ever been in. Trainers smiled and said hello. Clients were friendly and welcoming. I was quite honestly blown away. I have some pretty significant fitness goals and on surface didn't think I would really fit in here… But I really enjoyed it and can't wait to go back.

    Katie McCann Davis
  • Nicole L Long, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    My experience at RF has been wonderful. They pushed me to reach my goals and did a great job helping me through an old injury and making modifications to exercise. The facility is top notch! If you want to look and feel 10 years younger this is the place to go!

    Nicole L Long
  • Cynthia Jahner, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    The atmosphere at RF is energized and like family. The trainers all care about you as an individual. They'll modify workouts to accommodate your level of experience and/or body challenges, but they by no means let you slack in effort or in form. The versatility of training would fit anyone's schedule. I highly recommend RF to anyone looking to improve themselves in their health and fitness.

    Cynthia Jahner
  • Megan Luce, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    My husband goes here and swears by it. They treat him great and boy do I sure appreciate all the results!!! ;)

    Megan Luce
  • Nicholas Platter, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Great atmosphere and great results. One on one sessions will change you inside and out.

    Nicholas Platter
  • Linda Wojo , Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    After years and years of struggling with food, and a love/hate with the gym, I am finally down 20lbs and can see the next 20 falling off too. Bryce is compassionate, passionate and committed to seeing you reach your goals. If you just show up, he'll help you achieve the rest.Thanks for not allowing mediocrity in your gym, Bryce. So, so grateful to you!!! Linda

    Linda Wojo
  • Steven Carroll, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Just do it! To say Bryce and the entire team of trainers are great would be an understatement. Every workout is different, I'm always challenged and accomplish far more than I ever believe is possible. Just be forewarned it's addicting... Don't stop the Pump!

    Steven Carroll
  •  Amanda von Ehrenkrook, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Bryce assembles an amazing team of trainers. Everyone is SO knowledgeable, SO personable, and SO fun! The BEST gym experience I've EVER had!!! I'm more healthy and encouraged to stay that way. They are very encouraging! I'm thankful for my time with the people at Revolutionary Fitness!!!

    Amanda von Ehrenkrook
  • Angela Kenmir , Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Love the people who work here! Your treated like family and that's what brings me back every time, plus the grueling workouts

    Angela Kenmir
  • Kevin Perry , Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    This place is top notch, great equipment, clean, organized, and staffed by knowledgeable pros!

    Kevin Perry
  • Cyndee Jahner , Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    Bryce is a personable, dedicated, professional who cares about you as a person and the results you want to gain. He'll get you where you want.

    Cyndee Jahner
  • Callie Crumpacker, Revolutionary Fitness Testimonials

    From the moment you walk into RF, the trainers make you feel like family. They all care about your goals and go above and beyond to help you achieve them!

    Callie Crumpacker


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