Fitness Solutions in University Place, WA

We exist to help you reach every fitness goal. We specialize in a broad spectrum of training styles conducted in a private studio. All sessions are by appointment only. We develop a specific program that is designed around your individual needs. We are 100% passionately committed to providing a fun, effective and positive workout experience in a private non-gym atmosphere.

Programs and Services Included:

  • One-on-one personal training
  • Semi-private training
  • Group training
  • Sports-specific training
  • Strength development
  • Weight loss
  • Boot camps
  • A positive and uplifting environment
  • Dietary analysis and modification
  • Body composition assessment
  • Injury prevention

Our Fee Structure:

We do not charge monthly fees. All services are prepaid, prices dependent on the services being rendered and training package you choose.

Body Composition Testing

Monitoring your result is a positive way to see your progress as you reach your goals. We offer a 9-point skin fold analysis that measures your body fat & lean muscle ratio, along with circumference measurements.

Nutritional Analysis & Meal Plan

Our diet plays a tremendous role in achieving our fitness goals. During your initial visit we will assess your current eating habits followed with a body composition test. From there we can determine your specific nutritional needs. We'll help you create a meal plan that is realistic to your everyday life and offer recommendations along the way.

Monthly reassessment are conducted to help you gauge your progress.

Personal Training Packages

We have several pre-priced packages available from six sessions through 36 sessions.

Price will be dependent on what style of training you are involved in: private, semi-private or group training.