Your Success is Our Success.

Let our clients tell you about their experiences with Revolutionary Fitness.

"When I started this journey I weighed 300lbs and wasn't sure I would stick with it. Since I started I have lost 125-lbs and 31% body fat. While I know there is still a ways to go I believe Bryce's knowledge, support and encouragement has led to my significant weight loss. Some workouts have been tougher than others, and at times he has had to drag me around the gym but he makes it enjoyable and not such a tedious task. Several of my friends have worked with trainers they described as serious, stiff and unmotivating. Although Bryce pushes me to my limits he motivates me to do more reps, run faster, and push myself past anywhere I thought I could go.

I've found through this process that there is a drive in me that I had forgotten I had, it is inspiring to rediscover. Bryce's expertise as a trainer is evident when we are working together. He always seems to know how hard to push me while making it fun at the same time. At times he is my personal cheerleader. My confidence has grown dramatically as I have learned how strong I am mentally and physically. Bryce is more than just a trainer, he is someone who inspires you to become better and genuinely cares about each person's results and well-being!"

- Laura Elliot

"I feel very fortunate to have Bryce as a personal trainer. I began working out with him in 2010. Even though I considered myself to be “in shape”, when I first began training with Bryce I could barely do one push-up, planking was next to impossible and lunges were downright painful. I knew from my extremely sore muscles that his training was going to be a good thing for me. And good it has been! My body is now stronger than it ever has been. I am able to maintain a healthy weight for my gender and age and I have a better understanding of the physical activity that my body requires to stay fit. Most importantly, I feel great!

Bryce is an intelligent, caring, motivational personal trainer. He has encouraged me to push myself physically both inside and outside the gym. I appreciate his careful attention and spotting during exercises to insure that my form is correct. Bryce does not accept “I can’t do that” as an excuse. He has helped me realize that my body actually can do things that I thought were impossible. Through Bryce’s encouragement and motivation, I have become a runner and have successfully completed several 5k’s and a half-marathon! I actually look forward to work-out sessions with Bryce. I know they won’t be easy but I like the physical results as well as the feeling of accomplishment and self-worth that is gained. Thanks Bryce!"

- Jan Garrett

"My husband and I work out together with Bryce 3 days a week. I can honestly say I look forward to the workouts. You never know what the hour will bring.

We have worked out with many trainers and Bryce has been our best coach, with the best results. He follows through with your goals each week and works hard to help you attain and track those goals. He works with us and listens to the areas we want to work on and creates unique workouts to hit all of those areas. He has also helped us dial in our diets so we are making healthy decisions and still allowing us to still have foods we like. I talk Bryce up everywhere I go. In the workouts he has us doing things we never thought we could do; and the results we have gotten in working with Bryce keep us coming back for more!!!"

- Steve & Tammy Langlow

"I've been training with Bryce for over three years. In that time I've completely changed how I live, my body, and my eating. At 42, I feel as if I am in the best shape of my life. Even after spending 12 years on active duty with the US Army, doing physical training every day, it did not compare to what Bryce has trained me to be.

I now understand and appreciate how my eating, training, and life style all fit together. I've made a complete and sustainable life style change. I feel healthier. I'm setting a good example for my kids, and my friends and family.

What can I say about Bryce? He will push you to your limits and he will make you the best that you can be. He will never accept excuses, and he will never let you quit on yourself. The thing that I like best about him is the fact that he never lets me give up. He never gives up on me, he motivates me, and he keeps me going. And it does it all with a smile on his face and a high-five and a fist bump and anything else we can do to motivate. He is by far the best personal trainer I have ever had."

- Rob Lenza